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Middle School
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Name Position Phone
Barroeta, Lisbeth Teacher 260-495-6100
Bice, Vicki Secretary 260-495-6100
Bock, April Teacher 260-495-6100
Brewbaker, Sandy Teacher 260-495-6100
Brubaker, Miranda Teacher 260-495-6100
Cairl, Dan Teacher 260-495-6100
Clary, James Teacher 260-495-6100
Concus, Christina Teacher 260-495-6100
Fowler, Betsy Teacher 260-495-6100
Hardwick, Melissa Teacher 260-495-6100
Heller, Sally Teacher 260-495-6100
Kuespert, Drew Teacher 260-495-6100
LaPlace, Scott Athletic Director 260-495-6100
Light, Kylee Teacher 260-495-6100
Mohler, Greg Principal 260-495-6100
Nofziger, Cheri Teacher 260-495-6100
Pentecost, Eric Teacher 260-495-6100
Senecal, Julie Teacher 260-495-6100
Sherbondy, Cheryl Teacher 260-495-6100
Squires, Jennifer Teacher 260-495-6100
Thiele, Michelle Guidance 260-495-6100
Thober, Julie Teacher 260-495-6100
    • Administrative Office

      Fremont Community Schools
      Dr. William Stitt, Superintendent
      1100 West Toledo Street
      Mailing: P.O. Box 665
      Fremont, Indiana 46737

      Voice: (260) 495-5005
      Fax: (260) 495-9798

      High School

      Fremont High School
      701 W. Toledo St.
      Mailing: P.O. Box 655
      Fremont, IN 46737

      Voice: (260) 495-9876
      Fax: 260-495-1838

      Mark Sherbondy, Principal
      Roger Probst, Athletic Director
      Holli Miller, Guidance Counselor

      Middle School

      Fremont Middle School
      811 West Renee Drive
      Mailing: P.O. Box 770
      Fremont, IN 46737

      Voice: 260-495-6100
      Fax: 260-495-7301

      Greg Mohler, Principal
      Scott LaPlace, Athletic Director
      Michelle Thiele, Guidance Director
    • Elementary

      Fremont Elementary School
      501 Toledo St.
      Fremont, IN 46737

      Voice: (260)-495-4385
      Fax: (260)-495-2133

      Mr. Eric Bryan, Principal
      Melissa Duncan, Student Services Director


      Fremont Community Schools is preparing students for a world of possibilities every day-for every student!

      School Safety

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      Report any school safety concern, including suicide, drug abuse, vandalism, etc. by sending an anonymous report to us.

      Have you seen bullying? Were you bullied? Click to send us a report of the bullying.

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  • Principal's Message

    A imageThe philosophy at Fremont Middle School is simple; strive to build relationships daily, and let actions speak louder than words. Incorporating this belief among students and staff has created a dynamic and safe learning environment in which students are engaged in critical thinking and problem solving on a daily basis.

    We are working even harder this year to instill in our students the qualities of excellence and PRIDE (Personal Responsibility - Individual Daily Effort). Our system for encouraging these behaviors is tied into our school currency, Eagle Bucks, and our “Going Green” academic achievements. Each staff and student member tracks grades weekly in an effort to encourage Going Green which means achieving and maintaining grades in all classes that are C’s or better. Students receive Eagle Bucks as positive feedback for earning or maintaining this level of success. Weekly progress is charted in the front halls to encourage further growth and a friendly team spirit to continue persevering.These two programs have helped to create a positively charged atmosphere at FMS, as well as, tremendous overall academic growth.

    Creating this community of encouragement, achievement, and success involves excellence from all stakeholders every day, and that is our goal, because as Eagles...we aim to soar.

    Proudly bleeding RED & BLACK.

    Mr. Greg Mohler
    FMS Principal
    Rated an “A” School
    Fremont Middle School