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Elementary School
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Name Position Phone
Adomaitis, Mary Title 1 260-495-4385
Barroeta, Lisbeth Spanish 260-495-4385
Brown, Kristen Title 1 260-495-4385
Bryan, Eric Principal 260-495-4385
Cain, Maria Secretary 260-495-4385
Camp, Gayle Fourth Grade 260-495-4385
Concus, Christina Keyboarding 260-495-4385
Connors, Meagan Kindergarten 260-495-4385
Dahman, Cassie Fourth Grade 260-495-4385
David, Randy Third Grade 260-495-4385
Driver, Kathy Resource Room 260-495-4385
Duncan, Melissa Guidance 260-495-4385
Fitzpatrick, Kelcy First Grade 260-495-4385
Greenler, Kasie Science Teacher 260-495-4385
Hackworth, Morgan Second Grade 260-495-4385
Honiotes, Cece Fourth Grade 260-495-4385
Johnson, Tara Secretary/ECA Treasurer 260-495-4385
Lies, Leanne Kindergarten 260-495-4385
Lyon, Sarah Kindergarten 260-495-4385
Mansberger, Amy First Grade 260-495-4385
Marsh, Olivia Third Grade 260-495-4385
Matthews, Logan Third Grade 260-495-4385
Melchi, Dawn Kindergarten 260-495-4385
Miller, Amanda Librarian 260-495-4385
Miller, Candace Music 260-495-4385
Perkins, Madison Third Grade 260-495-4385
Rhonehouse, Shae Second Grade 260-495-4385
Sattison, Jessica Second Grade 260-495-4385
Seeman, Erin Art 260-495-4385
Sholl, Hannah First Grade 260-495-4385
Smith, Angie Second Grade 260-495-4385
Spengler, Janelle Kindergarten 260-495-4385
Stanley, Carla First Grade 260-495-4385
Strowig, Kim Physical Education 260-495-4385
Stukey, Jennifer First Grade 260-495-4385
Thompson, Joni Academic Coach 260-495-4385
Towers, Jacinda Resource Room 260-495-4385
Wagner, Kim Speech 260-495-4385
    • Administrative Office

      Fremont Community Schools
      Dr. William Stitt, Superintendent
      1100 West Toledo Street
      Mailing: P.O. Box 665
      Fremont, Indiana 46737

      Voice: (260) 495-5005
      Fax: (260) 495-9798

      High School

      Fremont High School
      701 W. Toledo St.
      Mailing: P.O. Box 655
      Fremont, IN 46737

      Voice: (260) 495-9876
      Fax: 260-495-1838

      Mark Sherbondy, Principal
      Roger Probst, Athletic Director
      Holli Miller, Guidance Counselor

      Middle School

      Fremont Middle School
      811 West Renee Drive
      Mailing: P.O. Box 770
      Fremont, IN 46737

      Voice: 260-495-6100
      Fax: 260-495-7301

      Greg Mohler, Principal
      Scott LaPlace, Athletic Director
      Michelle Thiele, Guidance Director
    • Elementary

      Fremont Elementary School
      501 Toledo St.
      Fremont, IN 46737

      Voice: (260)-495-4385
      Fax: (260)-495-2133

      Mr. Eric Bryan, Principal
      Melissa Duncan, Student Services Director


      Fremont Community Schools is preparing students for a world of possibilities every day-for every student!

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  • Principal's Message

    What an exciting year for Fremont Elementary School! We are returning to school with an awesome veteran staff, as well as a few new faces this year to help serve our students. I am looking forward to working with students, teachers, support staff, parents and our community to continue to raise the bar in excellence.

    As a former student who walked through Fremont Elementary doors 29 years ago, I take great pride in everything I do with Fremont Community Schools because it is dear to my heart. A big component of my leadership style is teamwork and I put a high value on honesty, hard work and the desire to be a life long learner. I will passionately provide support, resources, and encouragement to all of our students and staff. As a team, we will continue to provide a learning environment that is stimulating, interesting, and truly inspiring for all students to critically think when they are problem solving.

    In addition, setting the tone of excellence is imperative and the importance of education is of great value and I will expect all students to try their best to learn and make good decisions, not only in the classroom but also outside as well. Furthermore, we want to strive to be the best we can be and be a part of a bigger picture as well when service opportunities arise to give back to those we know in our community. Our goals will be met by following the same motto as Fremont Middle School: Promote Respect, Foster Pride, and Inspire Excellence.

    As we move through the school year, I want our students to focus on learning and do their best every day, while also having fun. School is a time to meet new friends and make memories in the classroom, on the playground, or off campus. I challenge students to step up and help those classmates who need it, whether that is academically or socially. A kind heart and an open ear can go a long way and can have a positive impact on someone with these simple acts of kindness.

    As a team we can accomplish anything. Together, Fremont Elementary School will be the best school in the state and an example of exemplary education. No matter your role or capacity you have this year, be ready to take your part in building the foundation towards success.

    Your Principal,
    Mr. Eric Bryan
    Phone: 260-495-4385
    Fax: 260-495-2133