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Pick Up Procedures

Parent Pick up Map

If your child is not typically a car rider, please place the numbers that were sent home and this letter in your glove compartment. There may be circumstances in which you will need them.


Car riders will dismiss from E1 (Main Doors) of the elementary at 3:00 pm. Drive slowly through the parking lot toward the designated car pick-up area. Supervising teachers will cross reference assigned pick-up numbers on approaching cars to the list of students, and then call children from the main entrance to the pick-up area. Each student will receive 3 “official” Fremont cards with his/her number (in envelope). Anyone who picks up a child must display a card in their car.
  • For the safety of your children, only cars with official Fremont car pick-up cards will be allowed to pick up children. If the assigned pick-up number is not available, you will be asked to go to the office for pick up.
  • It is recommended that each child place one number card on his/her book bag to use until the number is remembered. This helps prevent excessive delays while teachers relocate children to the right place.
  • As always, a “Transportation Information Form” must be completed and on file with the office. A note is to be provided if your child will be a car rider. Please make sure you are calling into the office for emergency changes only. Call should be received by 2:30p.m.
While waiting in THE DISMISSAL line…
  • Please remain in your vehicle as you will need to move up frequently.
  • Please pull up as far as you can and close to the car in front of you.
  • Please form one continuous line.
  • *Walkers / Walk-ups will be exiting the building through the east side of the gym doors and will be waiting near the bike racks. Parents may use the parking lot next to the gym to park for walk-ups ONLY.